Garage Session

I am a huge fan of Kate T. Parker.  She’s an Atlanta photographer who does these beautiful, tack-sharp images that are playful and personal.  Her favorite detail seems to be freckles, but she also just tries to capture people as they are – flaws and all.  I love that!  Every single day I consider calling her to beg to work for her for free.  Seeing as I live in Houston, those odds are pretty slim.

I read an article of Parker’s a handful of months ago on the photography blog, Clickin’ Moms where she discussed how to create dramatic lighting at home.  One of her methods is by taking photographs in the garage.  It’s sounds super crazy, but it truly is like having a mini-studio in your own home.  Since I have read that article, I have taken many pictures in my garage and usually with great results.  I’m actually pretty obsessed with this method.

I took some today and my wriggly baby is getting ever increasingly frustrated with having her picture taken.  These were the best of the lot.

garage 4

garage 2 garage 3 garage 1


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