Little Beebee Gus! | Fayetteville, AR Photographer

I got to go home last weekend and it was exactly the very thing I needed.  I am originally from Fayetteville, AR and have a massive amount of friends there – most of them I have known for at least 10 years.  The roots run deep there.  I got to stay with two of my nearest and dearest friends, Jill and Ben, and their 5 month old Gus.  I got some serious Steph-with-Gus time and it was magical.  His eyes are so big and amazed by everything.  He laughs at the drop of a dime – or anytime I said the word “goy” consecutively.  He is super cuddly.  I am nuts about him.  I took a few pictures of him while we hung out.  See how awesome he is?!

IMG_5118_WEB IMG_5139_WEB IMG_5153_COLOR_WEB IMG_5175_WEB IMG_5190_WEB IMG_5197_WEB IMG_5205_WEB


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